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What Makes An Arrowhead Authentic?

There are a few things that contribute to making an arrowhead authentic. It’s important to know that arrowheads are usually made of stone, and authentic ones will often be chipped or flaked. The shape of the arrowhead is important – authentic arrowheads are typically triangular or leaf-shaped. Authentic arrowheads will usually have been found in an area where there was once a settlement of Native Americans.

How Authentic Arrowheads Are Created

Arrowheads were first made by Native Americans, who would chip them out of stone using other stones or tools made of bone or wood. This process of making an arrowhead is called flint knapping. It takes years of practice and patience to perfect the art of flintknapping. Arrowheads were used for both hunting and warfare, and they were often very elaborately decorated.

What Are Arrowheads Used For Now?

Nowadays, arrowheads are prized by collectors and can be worth a lot of money. However, it is important to be sure that an arrowhead is authentic before buying it, as there are many fake or reproduction arrowheads on the market. Make sure to have your relics tested by a professional authenticator if you have any doubts.

Where To Find Authentic Arrowheads

If you’re interested in collecting arrowheads, the best place to start looking is in areas that were once inhabited by Native American tribes. You might find arrowheads in fields or on riverbanks, as they often get exposed when the ground is plowed or eroded. It’s also worth checking out antique shops and flea markets, as authentic arrowheads do turn up for sale from time to time. Happy hunting!