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July Native American
Artifact Auction

Sunday, July 28, 2024
LIVE at 10am CST

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If you’ve inherited a relative’s collection or been a dedicated collector for years, we’re ready to help you sell your artifacts. Over 50,000 bidders have been approved for our auctions. Heartland has been selling Native American Artifacts, Pre-Columbian Relics, and other various antiquities since early 2016. We’re excited to help you sell your collection. Get in touch today!

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Jul. 28, 2024

July Native American Artifact and Relic Auction
Nice Auction, Lot of Variety, Something for Everyone-...
USED Artifact Display Cases (12" x 18")
Rainbow Poplar Inlaid with Maple Handmade Display Case (NEW)
Hackberry Inlaid with Maple Wooden Display Case (NEW)

About Heartland Artifact Auctions, Inc.

Heartland Artifact Auctions, Inc. is an online auction house based in Quincy, Illinois. Heartland was created in January of 2016 by owner, Jake Vahle, whose passions for the discovery, buying, and selling of ancient artifacts has grown into a full-fledged business in the artifact auction industry. We currently have access to over 50,000 verified online bidders and our audience continues to grow with each posted auction. Heartland utilizes a variety of marketing methods to advertise each of our sales to specialized audiences for different types of artifact, antique, and relic collectors. 

At Heartland, we buy and sell prehistoric, ancient Native American Indian arrowheads, artifacts, and relics. Our auction house guarantees authenticity of all artifacts and relics that come through our sales. We care deeply about keeping our artifact collectors, buyers and consignors satisfied with above-average customer service and attention to detail. 

We host daily, weekly, and monthly auctions full of ancient relics and various collectors items. We host a variety of live auctions and timed auctions that contain many types of relics ranging from Arrowheads, Bannerstones, Celts, Birdstones, Gorgets, Pendants, Pipes, Axes, Masks, Plummets, Fossils, Pottery, and Discoidals to Art, Decoys, Beadwork, Vintage Weaponry, and Display Frames and Cases. 

All auctions are posted here on our own platform. Monthly auctions are also listed on LiveAuctioneers.com. We encourage new bidders to ask questions about items before bidding in one of our Native American Artifact Auctions and letting us know what we can do to make their experience with Heartland simple and satisfactory. 

Auction Consignment

Heartland Artifact Auctions encourages consignment of artifact collectors, antique collectors, and other various types of ancient artifacts and relics. The consignment process begins with initial contact by an interested consignor with pictures and descriptions of the items they would like to consign. Once our team of artifact specialists reviews the items and deems them a good fit for our auction house and audience, we will issue the interested party with a Consignor Agreement form.

At Heartland, our buyers and sellers come first. We offer extremely competitive consignment rates and put authenticity at the highest value in our business model. We buy, sell, and consign authentic Native American artifacts and collections from all over the world. Interested in selling your artifacts at one of our auctions? Give us a call, text, or send us an email! We are open to all possibilities.

Interested parties will be required to send their artifacts to our warehouse address upon completion of the agreement form. We also require the consignor to issue descriptions of each item they wish to consign. This helps our process move faster and allows our consignors’ items to be placed into auctions quicker, thus getting our consignors paid quicker as well.