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10 Reasons Why You Should Consign With Heartland Artifact Auctions:

1. Heartland Artifact Auctions has access to an audience of over 50,000 registered bidders and we continue to see growth with each auctions! 

2. Our Consignment Rates are competitive and flexible. We’re ready to help you get the most value out of your artifacts and make sure you feel taken care of along the way.

3. We specialize in ancient artifacts and antiquities and can get some of the highest values for your items. 

4. Heartland puts the needs of their consignors first and always keeps an open channel of communication during the consignment process. 

5. Our consignment process is easy and fine-tuned, so all you have to do is send your artifacts to us, and we’ll send you a check in the mail (or via your preferred payment method). Yes! It’s that easy. 

6. We have a dedicated staff ready to picture, describe, and list your artifacts as quickly as we can and get them into one of our sales. 

7. We’re fun and easy to work with. 

8. Heartland markets sales to various online platforms and different mediums including social media and paid advertising. We can get your items the exposure they need to bring great price results! 

9. If a buyer doesn’t pay for their winnings, we consult with consignors and ask if they’d like us to resell their items in a different sale, giving the items another opportunity to be sold. 

10. Due to our highly specialized market of buyers, your items have an extreme likelihood of bringing the best possible prices dictated by the market. 

Sell My Native American Indian Arrowheads

Many sellers of Native American Indian Arrowheads acquire their items in different ways. Employees at Heartland Artifact Auctions are here to help.

One way consignors acquire arrowheads is through an inheritance from a family member. We are here to provide families looking to sell their collections from their family member’s estate. We will provide you with an easy-to-follow process that allows new inheritors to sell their Native American Artifact collection with ease. It’s never easy to deal with the belongings of a lost loved one. We keep an open channel of communication with our consignors to keep the process as easy as possible. 

Another way sellers acquire their items is by searching for artifacts on their own. Arrowhead hunting is very popular in the Midwest region of the continental United States. We have many consignors who find items in fields, creeks, ditches, and other various locations. 

Many of our sellers are artifact dealers. Our audience consists of bidders that buy, sell, and trade Native American Artifacts. Many times, these consignors buy whole collections and then sell the artifacts through various channels: privately, public auction, or in an online storefront.