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What Are Bannerstones?

Bannerstones are stone or ceramic objects that were used by Native Americans for a variety of purposes. They have been found in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but most bannerstones are oval or diamond-shaped and have a hole drilled through the center. Some scholars believe that bannerstones were used as weights to attach to hunting spears or atlatls (a type of spear-thrower). Others believe that they may have been worn as pendants or used as decorations on clothing or weapons. Some bannerstones also bear symbols or carvings that suggest they had a ceremonial or religious purpose.

Bannerstones in History

Whatever their specific function, bannerstones were clearly important to the people who made and used them. Thousands of bannerstones have been found across North America, testifying to their widespread popularity. Today, bannerstones are prized by collectors and provide a fascinating glimpse into the lives of Native Americans long ago.

More uses of bannerstones:
– Clan emblems
– Symbolic gestures of trade
– Tools for hunting and spear throwing

Bannerstones Today

These ancient pieces of art are now highly sought after for their design, type of material they are made from, or the location they were found in. Some notable types of bannerstones include:
– Ball 
– Bottle 
– Butterfly 
– Concave 
– Crescent
– Hourglass
– Humped
– Fluted 
– Tube
– Winged
– And many more variations. 

Where Can I Find Bannerstones?

Today’s bannerstones are often found in fields, riverbeds, and other various places throughout North America. Many of these types of ancient artifacts are kept in the collections of various artifact collectors. You can find some bannerstones for sale art artifact shows, in antique stores, and in various online auctions. We feature bannerstones in our sales often and guarantee authenticity or your money back. Take a look at our sales during your hunt for bannerstones.