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The Value of Arrowheads: Understanding Their Market Price

Arrowheads are ancient artifacts discovered across the globe, with some dating back thousands of years. These relics hold both historical and cultural significance, often representing the technological advancements of ancient civilizations. Over the years, arrowhead collecting has become a popular hobby among history enthusiasts and avid collectors. But are arrowheads worth money? In this article, we will explore the market price of arrowheads, their sentimental value, options for selling them, and the five most common types of arrowheads.

Market Price of Arrowheads

The value of arrowheads can vary greatly depending on factors such as age, condition, rarity, size, material, and cultural significance. While some arrowheads may only be worth a few dollars, others can be worth thousands. Auction houses and online marketplaces such as eBay are excellent resources for determining the current market value of your arrowheads.

The Sentimental Value

While the monetary value of arrowheads can be significant, it is essential to consider their sentimental value. Arrowheads are a tangible link to our past, connecting us to the ancient cultures once inhabited the land. Collecting these artifacts allows us to better understand the history and the lives of the people who created them. As such, many collectors view their arrowheads as priceless treasures, regardless of their market worth.

Your Options for Selling Arrowheads

If you wish to sell your arrowheads, there are several options available to you:

1. Online Marketplaces

Websites such as eBay and Etsy are popular platforms for selling arrowheads, allowing you to reach a broad audience of collectors.

2. Auction Houses

Local or national auction houses specializing in artifacts or antiques may be interested in your arrowheads, particularly if they are rare or of high value.

3. Antique Shops and Trade Shows

Some antique shops and trade shows may buy arrowheads or allow you to sell them on consignment.

The 5 Most Common Arrowheads

1. Stemmed Arrowheads

These arrowheads are characterized by a stemmed base and are often found in areas that were once inhabited by Native American tribes. Stemmed arrowheads can date back thousands of years and were typically used for hunting and warfare.

2. Clovis Arrowheads

Named after the town in New Mexico where they were first discovered, Clovis arrowheads are among the oldest and most valuable. They are characterized by their fluted base and distinct, wide shape. Clovis points are often associated with the ancient Paleo-Indian culture that once inhabited North America.

3. Elf Arrowheads

Also known as fairy arrows, elf arrowheads are small, delicate, and intricately crafted. These artifacts are often associated with European folklore and were believed to be used by fairies or elves to protect their homes.

4. Tapered Arrowheads

These arrowheads have a slender, tapered shape and are often made from materials such as chert or flint. Tapered arrowheads were used for various purposes, including hunting and warfare, and date back thousands of years.

5. Lanceolate Arrowheads

Characterized by a long, narrow, and pointed shape, lanceolate arrowheads were used primarily for hunting large game. These artifacts can be found worldwide and date back to various periods.


Arrowheads can hold significant monetary and sentimental value, depending on various factors such as age, condition, rarity, and cultural significance. If you are interested in selling your arrowheads, several options are available, including online marketplaces, auction houses, and private collectors. As you delve into the world of arrowhead collecting, remember to appreciate their market worth and the rich history and cultural significance these artifacts represent.

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