Looking To Sell Your Artifacts?

It’s Time to Sell Arrowheads

Many collectors of authentic Native American Artifacts deal primarily in arrowheads. It is often an objective of collectors to keep these arrowheads for themselves and add to their collections or sell arrowheads to other collectors.  

Ways to Sell Arrowheads

To sell arrowheads, collectors can use one of the following options:

– Sell arrowheads privately to other collectors.
– List arrowheads for sale on social media platforms, such as Facebook.
– Consign arrowheads using a third-party company, such as Heartland Artifact Auctions.

Many arrowhead sellers seek the best channel for sales based on the value of their item and the market they’re selling to. Some arrowheads may do better sold privately to other collectors, while others may bring a higher return on investment if auctioned through a reputable artifact auction company. 

Diversify Your Arrowhead Sales Channels

We recommend that selling arrowheads occurs through multiple sales channels. Some benefits to this strategy include helping build your network, getting better prices for your arrowheads, and reaching different audience members. 

Why Choose Heartland Artifact Auctions, Inc. To Sell Your Arrowheads

Heartland Artifact Auctions offers consignors the option to sell their arrowheads through our various sales channels. We boast a following of 50,000+ approved bidders cycling through our sales monthly. We also offer consignors the opportunity to set reserves on specific items and give competitive consignment rates based on the quality of their relics and the size of their collection. We take the hassle out of keeping track of the various sales channels you prefer selling your arrowheads through. If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch today.