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Debunking 5 Common Myths about Ancient Arrowheads

Arrowheads – By now, everyone should know what an arrowheads is. If you do not, don’t worry! An arrowhead is a small, pointed rock that has been shaped and crafted by native americans as a tool. This type of artifact is often found by explorers, collectors, and archeologists while they are exploring in parks, farms, or near creeks. Arrowheads have a strong allure, and many myths surround them. However, archaeologists have done research on arrowheads and have learned more about these artifacts to shed more light on these fascinating objects.

Today, we want to delve into some common arrowhead myths.

Myth 1. Every Object in Archeological Sites Are Arrowheads

Projectile points are objects, usually made of stone, shell, metal, or glass, that have a sharp, triangular point at one end and a worked element known as a haft at the other end. These objects were used in prehistory and all over the world to hunt animals and fight wars. The haft was used to attach the point to a wooden or ivory shaft, allowing it to be shot with a bow. Generally, arrowheads are only a small part of the larger category of projectile points.

Myth 2. Small Arrowheads Were Dedicated to Hunting Birds

Bird points are the smallest type of arrowheads, and they are incredibly effective even when they are less than half an inch long. Experiments with archaeological evidence have proven that these tiny objects have the ability to kill a deer or other large animals if they are attached to an arrow and shot from a bow.

Myth 3. Arrowheads Are Made by Heating up a Rock and Dousing It with Water

Stone projectile points are made by the process of carefully chipping and flaking pieces of stone, usually flint. This technique is known as flint knapping. The process involves using a hammer stone or antler tine to chip away at the stone and then using a softer pressure to shape the stone into the desired projectile point. Flint knapping requires a lot of skill and patience to get the right shape and size.

Myth 4. It Takes Forever to Make an Arrowhead

Ancient humans needed to be adaptable and versatile, as it was and always will be essential for survival. It was only natural in ancient societies and tribes to develop skills and methods that make production faster—and arrowheads are not exempt from this.

Myth 5. The Reason for the Abundance of Arrowheads Was Warfare

Through the study of blood residue on stone tools, it became evident that the most common DNA found on these points was that of animals, not humans. This indicates that these tools were mainly used for hunting purposes, not for combat. The fact that warfare was not as frequent as hunting in prehistoric times was further confirmed.

Final Thoughts

These tools have been around for centuries and have been used by various people for different purposes. Regardless, the arrowhead remains largely unchanged in terms of shape and utility. This just goes to show how incredible people back then were at creating tools that we still know and use today!

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