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Are Arrowheads Good or Bad Luck: What You Need to Know

Arrowheads have been an important part of human history since prehistoric times. These small, pointed tools were used as weapons for hunting and warfare, and they have been found in archaeological sites all over the world. However, there has also been a long-standing belief that arrowheads bring either good or bad luck. In this article, we’ll explore the origins of this belief and how it has evolved over time.

What Is the History behind Arrowheads?

Arrowheads were first created by early humans as a way to hunt animals for food. They were made from materials such as flint, obsidian, and bone, and were carefully crafted to be sharp and aerodynamic. As civilizations developed, arrowheads also became important weapons in warfare. They were used by ancient Greeks, Romans, and Chinese, among others.

In Native American cultures, arrowheads were considered sacred objects. They were often used in religious ceremonies and were believed to have special powers. Many Native American tribes also used arrowheads as talismans for protection and good luck.

Good Luck or Bad Luck?

The belief that arrowheads bring good or bad luck has been around for centuries. In some cultures, arrowheads are considered to be symbols of strength and courage, and are believed to bring good luck to those who possess them. In other cultures, they are thought to be bad luck, and are associated with death and misfortune.

In some cases, the belief in the luck of arrowheads may be tied to their origins as weapons. For example, in ancient Greece, the god Apollo was often depicted holding a bow and arrow. The bow and arrow were considered symbols of the god’s power and were believed to bring good luck to those who possessed them.

In Native American cultures, the belief in the power of arrowheads is deeply rooted in spiritual beliefs. Many tribes believe that the sharp point of the arrowhead represents the power of the creator, and that it can be used to protect against evil spirits and negative energy. Some tribes also believe that arrowheads can be used to communicate with the spirit world.

Can You Collect Arrowheads?

Today, arrowheads are often collected as historical artifacts. They are a popular item for collectors and can be found at flea markets, antique stores, and online auctions. Collectors often value arrowheads based on their age, rarity, and condition.

For some collectors, the belief in the luck of arrowheads is still very much alive. They may believe that owning an arrowhead brings them good luck, or that it has a special spiritual significance. Others may simply appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of these ancient tools.


Whether you believe in their luck or simply appreciate their beauty and craftsmanship, arrowheads are valuable artifacts that tell the story of human ingenuity and creativity. If you’re interested in collecting arrowheads, be sure to do your research and approach the hobby with respect and reverence for the past.

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