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What Are Bannerstones?

It is a debated that bannerstones were used by the Native American people as a weight for throwing spears. Others speculate that bannerstones were used as ceremonial pieces. There are theories that these ancient artifacts were utilized for fire starting or even drilling. 

Bannerstones in History

Researchers suggest that bannerstones were a primary indicator of societal organization among Native American tribes. More uses of bannerstones are as follows:
– Clan emblems
– Symbolic gestures of trade
– Tools for hunting and spear throwing

Bannerstones Today

These ancient pieces of art are now highly sought after for their design, type of material they are made from, or the location they were found in. Some notable types of bannerstones include:
– Ball 
– Bottle 
– Butterfly 
– Concave 
– Crescent
– Hourglass
– Humped
– Fluted 
– Tube
– Winged
– And many more variations. 

Where Can I Find Bannerstones?

Today’s bannerstones are often found in fields, riverbeds, and other various places throughout North America. Many of these types of ancient artifacts are kept in the collections of various artifact collectors. You can find some bannerstones for sale art artifact shows, in antique stores, and in various online auctions. We feature bannerstones in our sales often and guarantee authenticity or your money back. Take a look at our sales during your hunt for bannerstones.