Finding An Artifact Auction Nearby

Finding An Artifact Auction Near Me As an artifact collector, you may be wondering, “how to I find an artifact auction near me?” That’s a great question! There are various […]

What Are Bannerstones?

What Are Bannerstones? Bannerstones are stone or ceramic objects that were used by Native Americans for a variety of purposes. They have been found in a wide range of shapes […]

How To Sell Artifacts

How To Sell Artifacts Where To Start Online Platforms There are many different great avenues to sell artifacts through. Various platforms include: eBay Facebook LiveAutioneers Or your own online store! […]

It’s Time to Sell Arrowheads

It’s Time To Sell Arrowheads Many collectors of authentic Native American Artifacts deal primarily in arrowheads. It is often an objective of collectors to keep these arrowheads for themselves and […]